Which brand of paint is more environmentally friendly? What types of paint are there

Time: 2020-12-23 17:27:49


This kind of paint has very good characteristics of wear resistance and water resistance. According to different uses, it can be divided into furniture special paint and floor special paint

The paint is a viscous oily pigment, which is flammable before drying, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in fat, soluble in alcohol, aldehyde, ether, benzene and alkane, and easily soluble in gasoline, kerosene and diesel.

No matter what kind or form of paint is, it is composed of film-forming material, secondary film-forming material and auxiliary film-forming material

Film forming material: also known as binder, most of the film forming materials are organic high molecular compounds, such as natural resin (rosin, lacquer), coating (tung oil, flax oil, soybean oil, fish oil, etc.), synthetic resin and other mixed ingredients, which are formed by high temperature reaction, and inorganic paint (such as inorganic zinc rich paint). All kinds of film-forming materials are classified into XXX categories according to national standards. It is the main part of the paint and determines the performance of the paint film. If there is no film-forming material, pure pigments and auxiliary materials can not form a film.

Secondary film-forming materials: including various pigments, physical pigments, antirust pigments. Pigments provide color and covering power for paint film, improve the protective performance and decorative effect of paint. Pigments with good weather resistance can improve the service life of paint. The physical pigment can increase the thickness of the paint film, make use of its own "flake, needle like" structure performance, through the accumulation of pigments, form a fish scale like paint film, improve the service life of the paint film, improve the waterproof and antirust effect. Antirust pigment can prevent the surface of objects from being corroded by atmosphere and chemical substances and the metal surface from being corroded through its physical and chemical antirust effect.

Auxiliary film-forming materials: including various additives, solvents, all kinds of additives in the paint production process, storage process, use process, as well as the film formation process plays a very important role. Although the amount used is very small, it has a great impact on the performance of the film. Even form a film, such as: not dry, bottom caking, crust.

Water based paint needs more additives to meet the production, construction, storage and film formation. The level of paint additives also represents the level of national paint. Solvents, also known as "dispersing media" (including various organic solvents and water), mainly dilute the film-forming substances to form viscous liquid, so as to facilitate production and construction. The mixture of film-forming base material and dispersing medium is often called paint.

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